Our nose should fit harmoniously on our face. If it is too small, too big, too fat, too thin, too narrow or too wide, this can easily lead to self-doubt and insecurity.

Rhinoplasty is the world's most commonly performed aesthetic surgical operation and requires of the surgeon great skills, great experience and a good sense of aesthetics. The aim of surgery is always an aesthetic and natural look, togehther with improvement of physiological functions.

The course of treatment

Depending on each case, a nose operation takes between one and three hours and should only be performed by an experienced Plastic surgeon. The scars are not visible as they are usually hidden inside the nose. It is important for the patient and the physician to decide together how the rhinoplasty or the modified profile should look like. Our main aim is to keep the individuality of the face.

In our consultations in Frankfurt and Zurich, we wil discuss with the patient the exact procedure and the extent of remodeling, so they can understand what is being done.

Clinic in Frankfurt

Consultations in the city center:
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