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Aesthetic surgery has become part of everyday life. Aesthetic operations on the female and male genitals have now become routine interventions in cosmetic-plastic surgery. However, it is still a highly sensitive subject which has to be handled with a great deal of discretion. For women, correction of the labia (labioplasty) is an important issue, specifically the reduction of the labia minora. Male patients are interested in penis enlargement, penis enhancement and penis thickening.

Nowadays, the genital region can be optimised by gentle and virtually pain-free methods to suit the individual patient’s aesthetic requirements. The sensitivity of this region must under no circumstances be impaired by a surgical correction. Intimate surgery must be performed by surgeons who are absolute experts in this field. Dr Petra Berger is specialised in intimate surgery and has been performing genital correction operations for many years.

The pre-condition for every operation is a thorough consultation. The patient’s individual wishes are taken into consideration and the gentlest techniques for achieving the required results are discussed. Patients can be sure of comfort, safety and tactful care in our modern practice clinics in Frankfurt and Zürich.

On the following pages you can learn more about the reduction and tightening of the labia, reconstruction of the hymen, penis enlargement and enhancement, testicular correction and circumcision. We will be glad to inform you in detail in a confidential consultation – we look forward to your visit. Our practice clinic in Frankfurt is conveniently located and easy to reach from the surrounding region – for example Bad Homburg and Wiesbaden. Dr Petra Berger – My priority is natural beauty for women and men.

For Women

Labia reduction and tightening, hymen reconstruction, vaginal tightening, clitoris enlargement, G-Spot augmentation

The main complaint of women who come to us for correction of the labia is that their inner labia are too large. There are many reasons for this condition: congenital malformation, age-related alterations in the tissue, pregnancy. And the nowadays widespread practice of depilation of hair in the intimate areas means that women want an enhanced aesthetic appearance in this part of their body. Women who are dissatisfied with their labia avoid going to the swimming pool or sauna, and often have sexual inhibitions. But there are also other very bothersome functional problems which can occur during cycling, sport, sex and when wearing tight clothing.

Dr Berger selects a surgical procedure which is suited to the individual wishes of the patient and appropriate to the findings of the physical examination. The operation is performed by laser electrosurgery, with the patient under either local anaesthesia, twilight sleep or general anaesthesia. Patients should not do any sporting activity for 4 to 6 weeks after the operation, and after 6 – 8 weeks the scar is usually no longer noticeable.

Depending on the patient’s physical condition, liposuction with very fine cannulas can be performed to treat labia that are too large. This method can also be used for a mons pubis correction. The excess fat is removed using special liposuction cannulas.

Laser treatment is also very suitable for tightening of the labia, as well as reduction of the inner labia.

As with all intimate surgery procedures, a thorough and confidential consultation is essential before vaginal tightening or rejuvenation.

Depending on the findings of the medical examination. Dr Petra Berger selects the appropriate method of treatment: autologous fat transfer, the latest technology (laser vaginal rejuvenation) or by surgery. These gentle methods can lead to a more fulfilling love life.

Aesthetic considerations and the wish to improve one’s love life are also reasons for clitoris enlargement or injections for G-Spot augmentation. These procedures are part of the everyday repertoire at the practice clinics in Frankfurt and Zürich. Many of our patients from the region around Frankfurt, e.g. Bad Homburg or Wiesbaden, appreciate the convenience of having only a short, quick journey to the clinic.

Although in our European culture we do not wish to uphold antiquated traditional values, the loss of the hymen is a problem especially for Muslim women: an intact hymen can be crucial for the future life of a young woman. The hymen usually breaks during the first sexual intercourse, but can also be lacking from birth, or a tear occurs during sport, falls or by inserting tampons – and often goes often unnoticed.

To restore the hymen, a new membrane is modelled from the remains of the torn membrane or tissue from the posterior vaginal wall. The new hymen is secured using absorbable suture material which does not need to be removed. Dr Petra Berger performs this operation with the patient under local or general anaesthesia. There are usually no complications. Patients should not engage in any physically strenuous activities or use tampons for about 6 weeks after surgery.

We will be glad to advise you in a confidential consultation in Zürich and Frankfurt – Welcome to our practice clinics!

For Men

Penis enlargement, penis enhancement, penis thickening, circumcision, testicular corrections

Around 15,000 operations for penis enlargement were carried out worldwide in 2013, nearly one-fifth of those were performed in Germany alone. The enlargement of a below average-sized penis is for often very useful for the patients, who regain their self-esteem.

After intense but discreet advice, in the clinics in Frankfurt and Zurich, low-risk penis enlargement procedures are carried out under the strictest quality and hygiene standards.

Penis thickening procedures are performed by Dr. Berger using transfer of fatty tissue in a special procedure. This guarantees permanent thickening and an even distribution of the transferred fat.

There are various reasons why men wish to have a circumcision performed. This operation is one of the simplest and most frequently performed operations worldwide.

The testicular muscles are often weakened with age, and the skin of the scrotum is stretched. The testicles begin to sag. This change is accompanied by physical as well as psychological problems. This problem can be easily solved through a scrotum tightening procedure (under general or local anaesthesia) or an autologous fat treatment.

We will answer your questions about these procedures in an open and confidential consultation in our clinics in Frankfurt or Zürich.


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