Ear correction

Many children and adults suffer from protruding ears. Protruding or deformed ears do not lead to hearing loss, but can cause psychological stress.

The correction of the ears’ misalignments (Otoplasty) is a procedure that can change patients' lives positively and significantly improve its quality.

The ear surgery is considered to be a routine procedure. It eliminates asymmetry in the ears, or reduces their size.

The course of treatment

The ear surgery requires special surgical techniques and expertise. We perform the otoplasty in our clinics in Frankfurt or Zurich under semiconscious sedation and on an outpatient basis with additional anesthesia.

The scars are barely noticeable fine lines behind the ear.

Complications such as post-operative bleeding or infections are very rare. Pain after surgery is hardly expected, and there are drugs that treat the swelling.

At what age ear corrections can be made?

The operation can be performed in early childhood.

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