Genital corrections for Men

Nowadays, men also choose cosmetic and beauty corrections to achieve a fresh, youthful and vital appearance or to correct bothersome features.

Penis enlargement

Around 15,000 operations for penis enlargement were carried out worldwide in 2013, nearly one-fifth of those were performed in Germany alone. The enlargement of a below average-sized penis is for often very useful for the patients, who regain their self-esteem.

After intense but discreet advice, in the clinics in Frankfurt and Zurich, low-risk penis enlargement procedures are carried out under the strictest quality and hygiene standards.

Penis thickening

Penis enlargements are performed by Dr. Berger using a special process. This guarantees permanent thickening.


This operation is one of the operations that are very frequently performed around the world. We would be glad to answer your questions in our clinics.

Testicular corrections

The testicular muscles are often weakened with age, and the skin is stretched. This change is accompanied with physical as well as psychological problems. That problem can be easily solved through a scrotum tightening procedure, as well as an autologous fat treatment. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

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