Autologous fat treatments

Autologous fat injections, called Lipo-fillings, are used on the body for smoothing subcutaneous scarring. They are also used on the face for wrinkle correction, to add volume, enlarge the lips and to treat acne scars.

The course of treatment

The fat graft is obtained from another region of the body by means of traditional liposuction. The liquid fat and blood components are sorted out, and the fat is “cleaned". The remaining healthy fat tissue stem cells are transplanted with special blunt cannulas in the desired area.

Advantages and disadvantages lipo-filling

Autologous fat is an endogenous substance, thus no allergic reaction can occur. Your body's fat tissue is well suited for wrinkle treatment, because it is accepted by the organism. The fat is removed from an inconspicuous area of the body, such as from the abdomen, hips, or the inside of the knee. The sucked-out fat is suitable for under-injection of wrinkles.

However, good body tolerability causes the fat to degrade very quickly in the body. Thus, the effect does not last as long as the artificial substances. The surgery can cause swelling and bruising, but infections rarely occur.

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