Specialised in treatments with autologous fat

A special focus of the experienced plastic surgeon Dr Petra Berger in her practices in Frankfurt and Zürich is treatment with autologous fat (lipofilling, lipotransfer). This new minimally invasive method is ideal for creating new contours in wrinkle treatment. This method has been used abroad for years by a few specialists with great success. In Germany it is only performed by a small group of recognised experts for aesthetic surgery.

The 2-in-1 Treatment

A particularly appealing aspect of this beauty treatment is the 2-in-1 effect: the fat is removed for instance from symmetrical locations on the thighs and then injected into the face, hands or other parts of the body to increase volume and re-shape contours. Dr Petra Berger is also specialised in breast augmentation with autologous fat and performs operations in her clinics under the strictest hygiene conditions. An especially aesthetic result can be achieved in breast augmentation using autologous fat. This method is especially suitable for patients who do not want to have silicone implants, or whose body does not tolerate this foreign material.

Autologous fat injections have a long-term effect, very little risk and no side-effects. They result in a gentle, natural enhancement with a simultaneous “push-up” effect, with firmer and more beautiful skin.

Please make an appointment – we will be delighted to advise you. Our practice clinic in Frankfurt is conveniently located and easy to reach from the surrounding area – for example Bad Homburg and Wiesbaden.

Range of Treatments

Injection of autologous fat in Dr Petra Berger’s clinics is not only performed as an aesthetic correction of facial wrinkles but also to restore volume in the face and hands of both women and men.

Significant aging processes in the face are accompanied by the loss of elasticity, subcutaneous fat, connective tissue and weakening of facial muscles. The main objective here is to correct the lack of volume in these parts of the face. In addition to fillers, autologous fat is especially suitable for this purpose. Scar tissue and cellulitis can also be successfully treated by this method. With increasing age, the upper lip in many women and men becomes thinner. This development can be corrected with autologous fat to achieve a significant and natural improvement.

Patients do not experience these changes as implantation of foreign material, but as their own tissue. This method also has the great advantage that autologous fat injections cannot provoke any allergic reaction. Most patients have a sufficient quantity of unwanted fat cells, so that removal presents no problem.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is particularly suitable for patients who feel uncomfortable about foreign materials (silicone implants) in their body, fear the risk of capsular contracture or have already had capsular contracture. This alternative breast reconstruction (according to Prof. Michele Zocchi’s method), also known as Lipo augmentation, Breast Lipo-modelling, or Lipo-structuring has been used abroad for years by a few specialists with great success. In Germany it is only performed by a small group of recognised experts for aesthetic surgery. Dr Petra Berger performs autologous fat breast reconstruction surgery under a strict hygiene policy and aseptic conditions in her quality-assured clinics in Frankfurt and Zurich.


The principle is simple: Under local anaesthesia, fat is removed from especially suitable locations on the patient’s body, then processed according to a special method (the patient’s own stem cells are purified and multiplied by centrifuging). Then the fat cells are injected into the required part of the body through mini-skin incisions.

Further information can be obtained from Dr. Petra Berger, Specialist for Plastic Surgery and full member of the Vereinigung der Deutschen Plastischen Chirurgen DGPRÄC (formerly VDPC) (Association of German Plastic Surgeons). All operations are performed by Dr Petra Berger personally in one of our operation centres in Frankfurt and Zürich.

Opportunities and Risks of Treatment with Autologous Fat

During autologous fat transfer a small over-correction is usually indicated because the injected fat can slightly reduce in volume again. One or several low-risk repeat treatments to replenish the transferred fat can be planned. In rare cases, the fat deposit can dissolve after some years. It is also possible to repeat the injection (mostly with excess frozen autologous fat cells).

Due to numerous improvements, the latest surgical technology and sophisticated surgical instruments, we now succeed in achieving a fat integration rate of 80 to 90 % in our practice clinics in Frankfurt and Zürich.

However, for slim patients with a low body fat percentage other non-invasive methods or aesthetic surgery are advisable.

Dr Petra Berger will advise you in a detailed and confidential consultation in our specialist clinics.

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