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Consultation and treatments are available in Frankfurt and Zürich, under the medical direction of Dr. Petra Berger. You will benefit from Dr. Petra Berger’s 20 years of experience and will be supported by a friendly staff. We offer a wide range of services in the plastic / reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, for women and men.

We can offer state of the art treatment and techniques. Dr. Berger personally performs the surgeries using modern and gentle anesthesia. The clinics in Frankfurt, Rhein-Main, and Zürich, Switzerland have the latest surgical equipment. Amongst other treatments, we are specialized in the treatment with autologous fat, since patients dealing with foreign bodies such as silicone can feel uncomfortable. Body fat is not only suitable as a filler for wrinkle treatment, but also for tissue deformities on the chest, back, and calf, as well as buttocks enlargement and genital correction in men and women.

Dr. Berger is well known throughout Europe in the field of breast augmentation through autologous fat. Before any procedure, patients will  go through a detailed consultation process.


Regenerative Medicine – Treatments with the body’s own substances and stem cells

Healing instead of repairing is the revolutionary approach in regenerative medicine. An innovative procedure which promotes the renewal of dysfunctional cells using natural methods – for example by platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells or the body’s own growth factors and special proteins. Dr Petra Berger is a member of a worldwide panel of experts who are specialised in this field of medicine.

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Cosmetic Surgery belongs in the hands of experienced specialists

In plastic and aesthetic surgery, professional treatment is of crucial importance. Safety, comfort and care are very important to us. We will inform you in detail about the possible measures, the possible pre-operative treatments and post-operative therapies. The extensive personal consultation before any procedure is important in order to understand what a patients wants and how we can reach that goal. We cannot turn back time, but we will do anything possible to cover up the traces. We want you to looks natural and harmonious.

Nowadays, even men want to improve their looks, be it fuller hair, smoother skin or a fitter body. A youthful and vibrant appearance undoubtedly affects their professional and private life.

You will find detailed information about the clinics in Frankfurt and Zurich, as well as information about our services on this website. We thank you for your interest and your visit!

Dr. Petra Berger - My goal is to achieve natural beauty for him and her.

Our services

Face - harmonious, fresh, attractive

The natural aging process of our skin begins after 20 to 30 years. Skin and subcutaneous fat become thinner, water and fat levels decrease, and the connective tissue fibers of collagen and elastin decay. Our skin is wrinkled and increasingly transparent, because the elasticity and firmness diminishes. In our mid-30s most of the changes are visible to the naked eye.

We can significantly improve your skin's appearance through various skin rejuvenating measures. For each wrinkle depth, there is a special form of treatment. Nowadays, we use more and more non-invasive forms of treatment, which are proven to be effective in cosmetic surgery, have fewer side effects and require less cutting than traditional surgical methods.

More information is available in the main menu, section ‘face’.

Breast - younger and more attractive

Changes in the breast are a very sensitive issue for many women. Many factors, such as pregnancy, lactation, age, height, weight, weakness of connective tissue, as well as skin elasticity, and genetic predisposition, can have a significant effect on the breasts’ shape over the years.

natural surgical aesthetic changes can be carried out: the breast should harmoniously match the woman/man’s body proportions. The treatment and the surgical technique will be discussed in details during the consultation appointments.

For patients who feel uncomfortable with silicon implants in their body, especially for those who do not want to risk a capsular contracture, or patiets who have already suffered a capsular contracture, there is now an alternative therapy available - Breast augmentation with autologous fat (Lipo-augmentation).

This procedure is not widespread in Germany. However, it has been practiced abroad for many years. It is suitable for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction after cancer and it can also cover up visible implant edges.

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Body, Hands+ Feet- beautiful and well-shaped

Plastic surgery-also popularly known as cosmetic surgery-is now generally accepted. Safely-performed procedures aiming at restoring and improving  body shape guarantee satisfaction and good self-esteem. In many cases, disproportions of the body in all age groups can be harmonized or improved through plastic surgery.

For men and women, a youthful appearance is an important factor in their everyday life or job.

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Clinic in Frankfurt

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